Our highly experienced learning team offer an exciting programme of activities for primary pupils, including workshops, trails and quiz booklets, talks and handling sessions to support your learning experience here.

School & Group Programmes

Our workshops have been carefully designed to support the National Curriculum. The core programme topics have been designed with an adaptable approach to suit individual class needs.

What’s in the Museum?
Chronology – from pre history to 20th Century KS1/2 pupils become history detectives working together handling objects from the collections. Ideas are shared as the lives of the people of the town are revealed.
Amazing Arundel
Why is the town here? KS2 pupils use maps and photographs, objects and costume to inspire investigation and debate. A town walk is recommended during the visit.
Medieval Realms
KS1/2 The knight’s chivalric code and the hierarchy of society – shields and catapults – the first castle in Arundel. Model Motte and Bailey is the target for model catapults.
Victorian & Edwardian Life
KS2 In the town and in the countryside - what did the people do and what did they wear? Costumes are used during the session. If you have particular requirements for your visit, then please contact us. We are always happy to prepare a specific workshop or adapt one in our core programme.
Special Needs Groups
We are experienced in working with these groups, and all our workshop presentations can be modified to suit individual student needs.
Common Entrance – GCSE and beyond
The town of Arundel and the Museum provide an ideal setting for pupils studying Geography and History.
The town is ideal for pupils to carry out shopping, traffic and tourist surveys. Maps, photographs and the objects in the Museum Gallery enable an excellent introduction to this type of project. Arundel Museum is also the Tourist Information Point for the town.
Workshop sessions include: Causes and consequences of historical events Interpretation of primary and secondary evidence Making of the United Kingdom Britain and Empire

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