Collection Highlights

People have lived and worked in and around Arundel for thousands of years. On display in our modern open plan gallery are objects that tell the story of the town. They span from pre-historic flint tools found at early settlements around the town, Roman floor tiles found at the site of a luxurious Roman villa, to the large WWII air raid siren from the roof of the Town Hall and a variety of colourful 20th century shop and business signs.

Prehistoric Arundel

Cretaceous sea fossils

Travel back in time, 65 million years ago to a time when Arundel was covered by a warm, shallow sea.

Medieval Arundel

Nordic Sámi Spoon

The Nordic Sámi people carved reindeer horn spoons as templates for silver spoons. The spoons were carried in a small bag attached to a belt, but how did this spoon end up in Arundel?

Stone Age Arundel

Flint hand tools

Step back 500,000 years to when Homo heidelbergensis roamed Arundel and see the tools left by neanderthals.

Georgian Arundel

The Mayoral sedan chair

The Mayoral sedan chair used to stand at the bottom of the stone stairs leading to the former council chamber. This chair dates from about 1775 and over 100 hours were dedicated to its renovation.

Roman Arundel

Writing stylus

A Roman Villa was discovered under Tarrant Street in Arundel in 1983. See some every day Roman objects found.

Victorian Arundel

Shepherd's Smock

Commonly worn in southern England, a 'smock-frock' or smock was worn by ploughmen, shepherds and wagoners. It protected them from the weather and their clothes from dirt.

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