The 100 Club is an important part of the museum’s fund raising activities. A Hundred Club is a fundraising device run by the The Friends of Arundel Museum which is based on regular giving from up to 100 people. All monies raised are ring fenced so that the profit from the scheme can only be spent on the museum and museum related activities.

100 Club

Up to 100 people contribute £10 per month into the Club, providing the museum an annual income of £12,000. Each quarter prizes of £250, £100 and £50 are drawn at the museum and distributed to the lucky winners. These draws take place at the end of March, June, September and December.

So it operates like the national lottery but the chances of winning are much, much greater!

The benefit to the Friends of Arundel Museum and therefore the museum are obvious to see. If we were successful in recruiting 100 members, we would receive £12,000 a year of which £1,600 would be paid out in prize money. The balance of £10,400pa would be available to fund the running costs and maintenance of our wonderful museum. Over a five year period the club would raise £52,000 and distribute prizes of £8,000 to the members.

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