ARUNDEL MUSEUM More than a museum

Our Collection

People have lived and worked in and around Arundel for thousands of years. On display in our modern open plan gallery are objects that tell the story of the town. They span from pre-historic flint tools found at early settlements around the town, Roman floor tiles found at the site of a luxurious Roman villa, to the large WW2 air raid siren from the roof of the Town Hall and a variety of colourful 20th century shop and business signs.
Our largest item on display is one of the last surviving wooden rudders from an Arun barge. This item, along with many others, is on open display allowing visitors to experience objects close up. Photographs within the graphic displays and on screens let visitors peep back in time over the past 150 years.
What else will you see in the gallery?
  • Objects telling the story of the River Arun and the Port of Arundel
  • Items from Ford Railway Station
  • Horse racing memorabilia and jockeys’ silks
  • Agricultural and shepherding items including shepherd’s smock and umbrella
  • Blacksmithing tools including large bellows
  • Printing press and objects from the town’s printing trade
  • Objects from local shops and trades
  • Clocks made by the town’s 18th and 19th century clock makers
  • Local archaeology, including collections of Palaeolithic and Neolithic flint tools
  • Building materials and finds from the town’s Roman villa
  • And much more!